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    Kelly Grenham received Nurse of the Year award!

    Nurse of the Year Award  Congratulations to Mapleton's nurse consultant Kelly Grenham on being named the Colorado Association of School Nurses Nurse of the Year! Read the full story here. 



    Health Services

    General Information for Parents

    Mapleton Public Schools is proud to partner with Children’s Hospital Colorado to bring highly qualified Nurse Consultants into our schools to assure the health and wellness needs of each and every child are met to the best of our ability. The information below is intended to answer a few questions you may have about the health services provided at your child’s school.

    Mapleton School Nurses

    Baby Nurse The Mapleton Public Schools' Nurse Consultants are contracted through Children's Hospital Colorado, School Health Program and work to provide a healthy and safe place for your child at school.

    District nurses collaborate with providing and supervising District health services training, vision, hearing and dental screenings, immunization review, infectious disease control, and individual health care plan creation and delegation. 

    Click here to contact your Children's Hospital Nurse Consultant.

    Mapleton School Health Assistants

    There are 11 part-time health assistants in the School District who staff the health offices and are trained and supervised by the nurse in supporting your child's health needs at school.  Children's Hospital Nurse Consultants train these paraprofessionals in First Aid, Medication, CPR, and other necessary trainings specific to care for all student needs. 

    What can Health Assistants do for my child at school?

    • Provide basic first aid.
    • Give medications by nurse delegation and supervision.
    • Perform vision and hearing screenings.
    • Maintain health files, including immunization records.
    • Notifies you of the day of EXCLUSION if immunizations are not current.
    • Consult the nurse about student health concerns.
    • Perform special health procedures under the supervision of the District nurse.

    What can Health Assistants not do for my child at school?

    • They cannot provide medical opinions, advise, or diagnose your child’s health condition.
    • They cannot provide clinical services. If a student is in need of medical attention, parents will be advised to contact their healthcare provider.
    • They cannot give medications without proper documentation or delegation.

    Contact your Mapleton School Health Assistant

    • Click here to contact the Health Assistant at your school.



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