• Walt Disney walking challenge

    What is the Walking Challenge?
    The "Mapleton Walt Disney Walking Challenge ” is a six-week exercise challenge that will increase your awareness of your activity level and get you moving! Participation is easy. Put on your pedometer in the morning and log the number of steps you’ve taken at the day’s end. You may also convert other activities and exercises into steps using the conversion chart found on the right side of this page. Monitor your progress as you explore the fun and marvel of Disney's magical world.  The challenge will start on April 5th and run through May 14th with registration open from March 16th through March 26th.

    What are the Rules?

    -First and foremost, this is designed to be a fun, friendly competition aimed at motivating Mapleton staff to move toward better health. Rule number 1 of the walking challenge: Practice good sportsmanship! It’s more about wellness than winning!

    -You can participate in the challenge as an individual or as part of a team, with a maximum of 10 people per team.   

    -The competition will consist of six week-long walking challenges that will have an increased step goal each week. 

    -There will be a $5 entry fee per person, with all proceeds going directly towards the prizes that will be up for grabs each week.

    -To qualify for the weekly prize drawing, the team average must meet or exceed the weekly step goal. 

    As a reminder, although this is a team focused challenge, our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our Mapleton community.   To ensure we're maintaining that goal, we ask that you continue to abide by the district policies on social distancing.  

    1.  Keep at least six feet between individuals, as much as possible

    2.  Stick to air high-fives

    3.  Wear your face mask as much as possible 

    Why is it important?
    Regular, brisk walking and other activities have been found to help control weight, improve self-esteem, help prevent/treat depression and can lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Along with staying active, we want to help address other issues that might be impacting you during this time of remote working.  In addition to our walking goals, we will be sharing a variety of meditation, stretching, nutrition and mindfulness activities along the way.  


    Team captains must register all team members no later than March 26th at the link found HERE.  Team Captain's - Once you have registered all participants, please collect the $5.00 entry fee from your team members and send the funds to Aaron Weil in HR via inter-office mail.  Both cash or check are acceptable.  If writing a check, please make it out to "Mapleton Public Schools".


    Please report your team's weekly step total (the combined total of all team members 5 most active days that week) Monday of each week at the link found HERE  

    Weekly Walking Challenge Goals!
    The 2021 Mapleton Walt Disney Walking Challenge, will take us on an adventure to some of the happiest places on earth - Disney's most epic and magical locations!  From exploring the world showcase at Epcot Center, to riding Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, we are in for six weeks of fun and excitement.  Their will be plenty of cool things to see and explore along our journey, not to mention some fun facts to share and weekly health tips to keep your heart rate up and your feet pounding that pavement. 

    Disney Map





    Please contact HR@mapleton.us or call 303-853-1017 for more information


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    Below you will find the weekly step totals and overall rankings for each of our participants.  Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint so if you're not where you'd hoped, we have six weeks to reach that goal. 



    Click the link below to download the weekly challenge! 

    WEEK 6


    Please click the link below for a list of all weekly prize winners.

    This will be updated weekly.




  • Daily Step Recorder 

    Click the link below to download a daily step recorder to help track your progress throughout the challenge!

    Step Recorder

  • Activity Conversion Chart 

    Click the link below and use the attached chart to convert activities that are not easily measured by a pedometer!


  • phone Turn your smartphone into a pedometer! 

    The "Health" app on Iphone or "Google Fit" on Android phones has a built in pedometer.  Free mobile apps are also available on the App Store and Google Play. 

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    Send us what you're accomplishing during the walking challenge and we'll highlight YOU in our next email!

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