• How to setup your Mapleton IPad.

    1. At the “Hello” screen, touch the Home button (round button on the bottom center of the iPad).
    2. Select language.
    3. Select “United States” for your country.
    4. Select “Set Up Manually” option at the bottom center of the Quick Start screen.
    5. Quick Start
    6. Select “MPS_Guest” for the Wi-fi network (if in district).
    7. Click “Continue” after reviewing Data Privacy screen.
    8. Click “Next” in top right corner of Remote Management screen.
    9. Click “Continue” on Touch ID screen and follow the prompts to set up Touch ID. The “Setup Up Touch ID Later” can also be used if this option is not desired.
    10. Click “Continue” on the Update screen to install updates.
    11. If Screen Time monitoring is desired, click “Continue” and follow the prompts for setup. Otherwise, click “Setup Later in Settings”
    12. Screen Time
    13. Choose Light or Dark appearance. (This only changes the display and has no effect on the operation of the iPad.) Click “Continue.”
    14. Click “Continue” to move through a brief tutorial on iPad operation. There are three screens to continue through.
    15. Click “Get Started” to complete the initial setup process.
    16. Swipe Left to the first screen to find the “Settings” icon.
    17. Swipe Left
    18. Click “Sign in to your iPad” to setup iCloud and the App store.
    19. Enter Apple ID email address. This is a personal email address that was used to previously set up an Apple ID.  On the next screen, enter the password for the Apple ID.  If you don’t remember the email or password used, you can click “Forgot email” or “Forgot Password” below the box.
    20. Enter the Passcode that was used prior to the iPad being reset. If you don’t remember it, you can click “Forgot iPad Passcode”
    21. Click the Home button to close the Settings page.
    22. If you are in the district go to setting and change your Wi-fi network to "Mapleton-IOS"


    If you have problems with any steps please contact the Mapleton Help Dest at 303-853-1057.