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    Are you the type of person that enjoys being outside regardless of the weather? Do you embrace adventures that challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally? Would you like the opportunity to lead others in fitness and adventure? This experience will help you explore careers in adventure education, outdoor leadership/guiding, parks and recreation, fitness, and more!

    This rigorous internship is available to juniors and seniors attending MEC or Big Picture College and Career Academy. Students will work with the Mapleton Adventure/Fitness coordinator to develop curriculum, facilitate learning experiences, organize logistics, schedule field experiences, and discover new ways to support adventure/fitness programing in Mapleton Public Schools. From this experience, students will explore careers in adventure travel, outdoor guiding, adventure/outdoor education, resort recreation, camp leaders, park rangers, naturalists, and more. Furthermore, this internship introduces students to strategies for outdoor leadership, effective planning, decision-making, conflict resolution, teamwork, communication, as well as the necessary technical skills.

    Workforce Readiness skills

    • Personal ResponsibilityWorking out student
    • Perseverance
    • Collaboration/teamwork
    • Communication
    • Character
    • Task/Time Management
    • Career Awareness
    • Leadership
    • Management

    Student Qualifications

    • A commitment to growing as a leader
    • A commitment to work with others toward a common goal
    • A love of fitness, nature and the outdoors
    • An interest in environmental science and wildlife studies
    • Ability to take on physically and emotionally demanding tasks
    • Variable work hours and conditions
    • Work with various populations in challenging situations
    • Desire to learn how to build and use specialized gear for a variety of activities

    Post-Secondary Educational Opportunities

    • Wilderness First Aid/first responder certification
    • CPR Certificate
    • Forest Service PLT Certificate
    • Leave No Trace Certificate
    • American Council of Exercise (ACE) personal training certification

    College majors in:

    • Outdoor Education
    • Outdoor Recreation Leadership
    • Natural Resource Management
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Sport and Exercise Science
    • Commercial Recreation

    This program is run by Sergio Panelo who has been a vital member of CareerX Middle School for the past three years. He has previously taught PE at MESA for 12 years.

    Ready for Adventure?
    Contact your PSOC today! 

  • Ready for adventure?
    If you are a junior or senior and attend MEC or Big Picture College and Career Academy, talk to your PSOC today about becoming a part of the Adventure Fitness Leadership Program.


    You may also email Adventure Fitness Coordinator Sergio Panelo.