• Who to contact in Talent Management:


    Ingrid Marin, Director

    303.853.1017, marini@mapleton.us  

    • Providing support for school interns, alternative licensing, CORA requests, recruiting fairs, and salary studies.


    Sarah Martinez, HR Manager

    303.853.1148, martinezs@mapleton.us

    • Providing support for attendance, CDE Reports, employee grievances, workers compensation, professional growth, salary advancement, and unemployment.


    Aaron Weil, HR Generalist                                   Aaron Shuman, HR Generalist

    303.853.1062, weila@mapleton.us                      303.853.1047, shumana@mapleton.us

    • Please see the chart below for the assigned HR Generalist based on school/department. Providing support for employment changes including; new hires, transfers, and resignations, onboarding, job postings, and employee portals.


    Lara Grant-Waggle, HR Technician/Substitute Coordinator

    303-853-1009, grantwagglel@mapleton.us

    • Providing support for employment for Substitutes and Athletics, assistance with Absence Management, verification of employment, and co-curricular sponsors/supplemental contracts.


    Robin DeCarlo, Benefits Specialist

    303-853-1004, decarlor@mapleton.us

    • Providing support for Benefits including; health, dental, vision, leaves of absence, FMLA, COVID, life insurance, long-term disability, PERA and open enrollment.


    Talent Management staff can provide Notary Services. Please request an appointment for this service. 

    If you have general questions, please contact Vanessa Turnbull at 303-853-1007 or email hr@mapleton.us.