• Culture CoachCulture Coaches set their sights on supporting caring communities in Mapleton 

    The benefits of positive school culture are vast. From improved attendance to academic achievement, a strong and supportive school community tells students in all possible ways that they belong. And, when students know they belong, they know they can – and do – succeed.  

    To support and sustain positive school cultures, Mapleton welcomed nine Culture Coaches this year to bolster social-emotional wellness and academic success for all students, with a particular focus on seventh and eighth-grade students. The Culture Coach position was one of the prioritized recommendations identified during last year’s Employee Support Committee to assist with staff and student retention, student behavior, academic improvement, and social-emotional support.  

    Mapleton’s Culture Coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and a diverse range of experiences to their positions, both inside and outside of the classroom. Throughout the year, Culture Coaches will also receive training in cognitive coaching, crisis prevention, data-driven instruction, social-emotional learning standards, and the Olweus bullying prevention curriculum. Culture Coaches will also work with School Resource Officers, Instructional Guides, and school-based therapists to better align their work with the needs of the school.  

    “Culture Coaches will work with their school community to set up successful systems,” said Karen Hoppis, Culture Coordinator for the district. “Due to our schools being unique ecosystems, this will look different at each site.”  

    School directors and Culture Coaches will work together to monitor various data points, including attendance, pass rates, frequency of threat assessments, teacher retention and efficacy, as well as student engagement to monitor the effectiveness of each intervention. 

    Culture Coach Core Values:

    • Value interconnectedness 
    • Honor expertise (better together) 
    • Maintain a bias toward action 
    • Encourage equal participation 
    • Practice a growth mindset and risk-taking 
    • Hold high expectations 
    • Honor diversity 
    • Initiate courageous conversations 
    • Assume positive intent 
    • Lead with curiosity  
    • Foster trust via consistency and follow-through