• York Secondary Grading Scale 

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  • York Secondary Grading Policy

    Core Beliefs

    • Grades should only represent learning, growth, and mastery.
    • All students want to be successful. If they are not demonstrating success, they need more support. Thus, grading should be supportive, not punitive

    Grading Policies

    Task-specific rubrics will be used to evaluate all assessments

    • Based on IB rubrics from subject area guide
    • Add additional descriptive details particular to the assessment task

    Posted grades are only based on trended summative assessments

    • Grades are based on learning and growth.
    • Pre and formative assessments are not graded but may still be tracked in the grade book in a non-graded category.
    • Behavior, attendance, and participation are never a factor in grading.
    • Assess every criterion at least twice per semester.
    • Summative assessment (Graded): measures knowledge and skills after you should have mastered the material. ​
    • Formative assessment (Not Graded): measures knowledge and skills while you are still learning the material.

    Provide for assessment retake opportunities

    • Encourage learning, growth, and mastery of content
    • Two-week window - from day assessment is returned to the student
    • Collaborative, student-led process
      • Reflection
      • Conferencing
      • Reassessment is rigorous, targeted, aligned to strengths
    • Formal request process:
      • Use the York retake request and rewrite request forms

    Evaluation of late or missed assessments

    When the deadline is missed, the teacher works with the student to establish a plan to support the student in completing the assessment:

    • Teacher seeks to understand why the assessment deadline was missed
    • A teacher may assign mandatory lunch bunch, YES Lab, office hours, or other reasonable interventions
    • The teacher calls home within 1 week
    • Students have a 2-week window to complete the missed assessment.
      • An acceptable place to work on assessment retakes is in office hours, YES! Lab, or as collaboratively decided by the teacher.
      • Teachers have the authority to extend this window on a case by case basis.
    • Assessment is scored with an M in IC. Ms are not trended.
    • The student’s posted grade is manually changed to “I - Incomplete” to represent the fact that the teacher does not enough information to
    • adequately evaluate the student’s performance.
    • Assessment turned in late will be assessed in the same manner as on-time work. Students will not be punished academically for late work.
    • Athletes can appeal to a teacher for an exception to this policy if they have developed a plan with their teacher to complete the assessment, allowing them to remain athletically eligible.
    • If the assessment is not turned in, the teacher has the discretion to do the following:
      • Remains an M and trended as a 0.
      • Remains an M and not trended (for use in exceptional circumstances or as an accommodation).


    Zeros are rarely ever assigned for assessments that are turned in. The minimum score is a 1 when a student makes a reasonable attempt.