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    This K-12 school is inspired by the International Baccalaureate (IB) School network. York International School is authorized for the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and, in 2014, received authorization for the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). 

    Successful York students are highly active learners and well-rounded students with a strong commitment to academics and the York community.  York students are encouraged to participate in clubs, sports, and community service activities.

    The IB curriculum followed at York is recognized worldwide and includes accelerated courses and a heavy workload. Regular classes at York are equivalent to honors/advanced courses at other schools.  The expectation is that students will be academically prepared to begin college-level coursework in 11th grade. 

    Students must be willing to work hard in and out of school, actively participate in class discussions, and complete projects or homework during school breaks and summer vacation.   

    York students follow a high attendance and behavior code of ethics. York is a closed campus; however, off-campus lunch is available to 11th and 12th-grade students who meet attendance, academic and behavior expectations.  Students also follow a dress code.  

    Successful students at York have a high level of respect for themselves, other students and all school staff. Parent involvement at York is strongly encouraged.  Parents can volunteer in classrooms, on field trips, through fundraisers, and various school activities throughout the year.

    York students

    • Have high rates of attendance
    • Demonstrate high respect for themselves, other students and staff
    • Follow a strong code of ethics
    • Have strong aspirations to learn and go to college
    • Complete an average of 5-8 hours of homework each week
    • May complete homework during school breaks and in the summer
    • Actively participate in classroom discussions
    • Are ready for honors/advanced coursework in high school
    • Actively seek out clubs, sports, community service and activities

    School Specs

    • Kindergarten - 12th grade
    • Uniformed dress code
    • Closed campus
    • Inspired by International Baccalaureate School network
    • Quarter/Semester calendar


    Check out our school fun facts sheet below! 

    York Fact Sheet